Securitas ePay

Securitas ePay is an online portal which has designed for all employees of Securitas to access their payroll data and handle all their records of payroll data through website.

It essentially gives instructions to access the information relevant to payroll, HR business division, and duty departments. Employees can able to access the information relevant to the documents, payments transfers, and employee information. Having access to is beneficial to the employees because it helps the users to get safe access to the digital pay stub information and direct deposit data. Most importantly, they can able to keep track of pay stubs and other financial information. 

Additionally, securitasepay helps to ensure that the documents will be safe from hackers. Finally, it gives the administration of control over human resources business department, duty, and payroll divisions. 

Obtaining Your PIN and Initiate the access to Your Account

If you're a current employee for Securitas organization, you can access Securitas ePay Login with the personal pin. You should get this pin from your employer. Once you've gained this information, you can simply follow below mentioned guidelines to access the account. 

Requirements for Securitas ePay Login


  • It's mandatory that you should be one of the employees at Securitas. 
  • You must have login credentials information. 
  • You required that you should have an account. If don't have, sign up for an account to get access to the payments information.

Login Guide for Securitas ePay

If you're not familiar with the Login procedure, you can go through below step by step procedure that subsumed:
  • Go to official website address in order to access the login portal from your preferred web browser. 
  • Enter your social security number in the portal. 
  • Input your representative id. 
  • Type in your security key and click on login button 
  • Now, you can select the Pay stub survey and pick to audit the current or past pay stubs information. 
  • Click on sub menu which helps to access to sums payable and store records. 
  • Select W-4 sub menu. 

Via Phone

  • Call: 866-604-3729
  • enter your social
  • enter your default pin default is your date of birth (MMDDYY)
  • Change your PIN when prompted- must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers.

For example, if you don't have an email id or mobile number, you can add or update the contact information. After that, you can able to receive password reset information to your email box so that you can access to your email. You can set your security questions to maximize the security for your account. It helps to restrict the unauthorized intruders accessing your account. If you've forgotten your pin, you can click on forgot password link to reset the password. 

Available Options for ePay Securitas Login

Once you've successfully logged into the account for, you can able to access all available features such as:
  • Pay-stub overview 
  • Income verification 
  • Update personal information 

Pay stub overview helps to access all of your past direct deposits and pay stubs information. It will provide you updated information regarding past payment history, hours worked and deductions. It is very important to note that this information is useful for your personal records and keeps this data private. You can also choose your income verification option when you're waiting on your next direct deposit or digital pay stub. This available feature is working on real time basis so that you can get to know up to date changes for your account. 

Keep Your Financial Data Safe with Securitas ePay

Under Securitas pay stub, your financial and employee information should always kept safe and secure. It has a well designated payroll management system that helps to manage the paystubs and direct deposits statements effectively and efficiently. By accessing this information, you can able to save your time in the busy schedule.